Welcome to Minsk Building Material Trading L.L.C

Minsk Building Material Trading L.L.C. (MBM) was established in 2005 with a vision of being one of the major whole sellers in the region by delivering high quality safety and construction products. MBM is a professionally managed company that can supply and provide excellent services to its traders.

MBM has earned a reputation for importing and distributing a broad range of quality and genuine personal protective equipment’s (PPE) such as: Working Uniforms, Safety Shoes, Galvanized Wire, Common Wire Nails and Tie Rod.

Innovation and development is a constant at Minsk Building Material Trading – The foundation of our business philosophy. We have created our own brand name “RED VOLK®” and we are in the business of sourcing and distributing the best quality of safety products. Over the years our experience has led us to develop a strong supply chain; fulfilling customer needs and exceeded all expectations. Speed to market; and more than 12 hours deliveries and customer service have strengthened partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Minsk Building Material Trading L.L.C. Business philosophy is to comply with all the market trends especially with the new trend for the construction companies “Just in Time Inventory”.

Our Vision: To emerge as the preferred distributer of the safety products in GCC and North African Countries.

Our Mission: To provide the right products and services at the right price and time.